Skill Development through CBT & WBT

EDC has been powering vocational education and technical skill training content development for corporates and NGOs focused on rapidly building skills and competences that can be used on the shop floor & labor markets.  


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Our focus is on learners for careers or professions that are traditionally non-academic and directly related to a trade, occupation or `vocation` in which the learner participates. Continuing vocational education and training is another focus area for us as we have successfully developed E-Learning initiatives that address up-skilling & re-skilling, aimed at helping individuals improve or update their job knowledge and/or competences, and companies leverage from a qualified/ industry oriented workforce.

EDC has the required expertise to design and develop skill based learning content that is domain enriched, interactive, involving and rich in multimedia elements to deliver key learning competencies and on the job skills. We offer an end-to-end service that includes understanding and planning the most effective skills learning environment, with the right mix of domain / SME expertise and development personnel.


The following criteria is considered in all our skill content development initiatives:

  • Innovation to help the client achieve desired vocational skills for enhancing ability and competitive edge
  • Effective & practical technology outcomes that have improved teaching, learning, curriculum design, assessments, and/or administration system
  • Broad based, flexible approach to promote the development of skills and competencies which can be acquired through different pathways
  • Relevant, rich quality vocational skills content development - bringing it more into line with market / industry needs
  • Developing flexible further training options that enable employees to adapt to the changing demands on the job




The Coats e-guide is fantastic. The feedback I've been receiving is like this - "I love it. I love it. I love it. I will look at it closer to see how I can use it to our advantage. Thanks for sharing." Let's continue to develop the other modules.
David F Goodwin
Director - Global Technical Services
Coats Plc, Uk