Enterprise Business Solutions

EDC is committed to support client innovation, competition and growth with solutions that span consumer and business technology, and extend from the datacenter and desktop to other devices and into the cloud. EDC Enterprise Solutions offer the flexibility to use the technology that’s right for the business and the people who will use it.


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EDC Enterprise Solutions stand apart by being exceptionally simple to learn and use. They deliver long-term business value by working with existing IT systems and scaling to grow with the organization. Our solutions span across mission critical applications and tools to facilitate decision-making, collaboration and cost-effective operations management. EDC offers the best in implementation expertise, coupled with end-to-end support, training and continuous sustainability of enterprise investments.



Whether the need is for holistic data visualization and historian solution, an online control system to manage processes, a planning and scheduling tool for operations, or a tool to make compliance effortless, EDC is uniquely positioned to meet these needs.