Learning and Training Solutions

In an age of technological development, building up critical skills in organizations is an investment for the future and transpiring specific experience driven knowledge to customers and internal teams is the highest challenge.


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At EDC, E-Learning initiatives are always the best combination of technical integration, content compatibility and Learning Management Systems. We consider instructional design principles as an important factor in determining both ROI and further measuring what learning is actually accomplished. Our E-Learning projects are SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) compliant that is important in managing successful E-Learning initiatives.

Simulated and interactive learning - on complicated subjects such as Aerospace and Defense verticals - enable the learner to engage in a two-way exchange of information. Through EDC’s rich media driven E-Learning initiatives, new information, skills and ideas are implemented more rapidly and to a specified plan – knowing well that the challenges are further amplified in highly specialized industry verticals like Aerospace, Defense, Automobiles and Manufacturing.