CoLAB – Lab Research Management System

Unprecedented and explosive growth of technology has transformed research into a global activity creating the necessity of integration of lab functions, seamless conversion of data into knowledge, efficient planning, and management of resources, assets and processes. EDC’s Research Management System – EDC CoLABTM Platform, integrates research processes to create a Data-to-Knowledge Paradigm for global R&D enterprises.

Collaboration across locations, departments and disciplines calls for unimpeded exchange of ideas and information, streamlining of processes, clean division responsibilities and efficient knowledge management tools – all working in symbiosis to facilitate R&D productivity and reduce the turnaround times. CoLABTM is a web-based platform designed to coordinate R&D activities and facilitate secure transaction of information between departments and locations. It keeps a track of the operational assets as well as allows secure transparency for clients, customers and sponsor on the progress of projects. For managerial and decision-making bodies, EDC CoLABTM delivers a vantage point to monitor and regulate activities.

The CoLABTM Platform offers unique methodology for the automated management of information like research samples, status of projects, project literature, audio-visuals, inventories, and instrument maintenance. The extent of integration that CoLABTM achieves is visible in its robust analysis and reporting modules.


EDC CoLABTM Platform Features
  • Integrates R&D units across geographies
  • Reduces time and costs, and increases productivity for a leaner value chain
  • Transparency on project progress for actionable insights
  • Improves collaboration and communication processes across the hierarchy
  • Enables macro-level decisions with real-time access to consolidated data and process monitoring
  • Keeps the information agile and report-ready according to global data guidelines
  • Customized modularity and structure for foremost efficiency on implementation