Content Management System

EDC’s content management platform is designed to channel creative freedom without the nuances of high-level coding. Intuitive control setup and bound-free design makes it easy to control your website, reducing the time-to-publish and overhead costs of ownership.

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EDC Content Management SystemTM is rapidly deployable, robust and scalable to allow ease-of-use for web zones, dynamic and static content, Web 2.0 tools, e-Commerce transactions, and web traffic analytics. From organizing the web transactions, to managing live data, content, visual branding, and media EDC CMSTM enables centralized, secure & real-time updates. This platform has been efficiently leveraged for business strategies and effective online marketing strategies by a number of our clients across verticals.

EDC Content Management SystemTM Features
It's easy!
Choose from a range of dynamic web zones, add content and graphics… Done!

It's fast!
Update the website in real time. Login to CMS from any web-browser, add/edit/delete and save.

It's friendly!
No complications to struggle through; it’s as easy as point and click.

It's affordable!
Quickly deployable and well-defined design, customized to requirements for a one-time expense.

It's secure!
EDC CMSTM offers password-protected administration with secure editing and modification tools.

EDC CMSTM supports multiples styles for each web sections and, also, within the same section from landing pages to Web 2.0 assets, micro-sites and more. The unbound framework allows same deploy-ability across multiple operating system environments on the existing web infrastructure. The content security is defined by access levels such as central administrator interface and distributed content manager rights. Designed to feed search engines the required inputs, the system updates metadata and SEO tags in real-time.

EDC CMSTM Highlights
  • Open, extensible CMS environment with visual construction for management of public sites, intra- and extranets
  • Assured, in-context site management environment
  • Easy switch between staged and live copies of the site
  • Expedient, linear workflow
  • Centralized housekeeping and management