Art + Science + Technology


EDC creates award-winning Interactive Museums, Interpretation and Experience Centres. The firm offers turnkey expertise, spanning project conceptualization, design & implementation, operations to management.

The firm's expertise is aligned to crafting immersive environments and visitor experiences that explore living history, physical sciences, arts & culture, sports, corporate history and brand heritage.

EDC combines the best of design, media and experiential technologies with learning interventions to create environments that offer first-of-its-kind edutainment & infotainment experiences.

Since 2000, EDC has crafted interactive technologies with immersive design experiences, and engaging content to deliver the benefits of art, science and technology as a perfect combination for Museums, Experience Centres and Interpretation.

Value Proposition
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Value Proposition
  • Changing the landscape of conventional museums in India & worldwide with the best experiential technologies and edutainment media development.
  • Innovation driven museum design and technology interactions, combining the tenets of science with art in equal measure to reach out to audiences from 8-80 years.
  • Collaborative thinking & expertise – Integrated design thinking led by designers, writers, architects, scientists, historians, artists, technologists, educators, and filmmakers. The firm's collaborative approach ensures world-class design attractions with technologies & content.
  • Landmark projects implemented in India, with many innovative features designed for the first time in museums/experience centres in the country.
  • The power and intimacy of storytelling is enabled through a vast interconnection of technologies and platforms.