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Interactive Museums

EDC's turnkey project execution expertise for museums sets us apart - consulting, design, content & media development, integration and operational maintenance.

Expertise & experience ensures projects are executed well within time and budget, not sacrificing the visitor/user experience from a holistic perspective.

In the last decade, museums have transformed their role from restricted high-class mausoleums to popular local/tourist attractions, seeking ICT to create innovative edutainment and infotainment experiences for visitors that are interactive-n-immersive, leading to increased revenues and better opportunities for profitability.

EDC addresses this need with a breadth and depth of experience on how museums really work. The firm believes in putting forth a collaborative planning and design process, constantly applying the evolving knowledge on each new project. EDC is adept at thinking out of box solutions and delivering the true value of collaboration across the lifecycle of a museum.

Key Benefits
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Key Benefits
  • Originality & innovation in design & experience.
  • Collaboration & perspectives for user-friendly and exciting educational experience.
  • Breaking silos by creating new ways in which art and science, virtual & real combine to drive user experiences and learning.
  • Immersive Story telling enabled through a vast interconnection of media and technologies.
  • Multi-dimensional interactions to impact visitor experience and learning in a multi-dimensional
Interactive Museums