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Interpretation Centres

EDC designs interpretation centre's that are simple, insightful, thoughtful and always memorable. The firm crafts interpretive media combining elements of research, knowledge, experience and project management that come together in a mix of science and art.

The firm has demonstrated expertise in design and interactive interpretation for natural, cultural, historic and heritage sites. Our creative outlook and approach enables visitors to gain insight and understanding about the reasons for conservation and commitment, while facts and interpretation provides a story that connects them with context.

Key Benefits
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Key benefits
  • Enrich the visitors' experience, informing them about the how, what and why of protecting special places for this and future generations with interpretative media and engaging technologies.
  • Raise awareness, understanding and support for conservation with younger generations that are adept with using technology and multifaceted communication.
  • Encourage visitors to use their senses by providing things to see, touch, smell, hear or sense and by focusing on one or more senses at different times.
  • Encourage interaction, with interactive displays that engage and help learning by doing.
  • Vary the level of participation and challenge required, mix simple and complex displays and information.
  • Design a variety of visual and narrative styles for guided and personal interpretation that are thought provoking.
  • Promote positive relations with the community and facilitate local volunteer involvement and engagement.
  • Identify with places and culture to help people develop a personal and collective sense of being and value.
Interpretation Centres